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Cooperstown High Dressage Club 

The Cooperstown High Dressage Club formed in September of 2013. It is recognized By the Cooperstown Central School District and the United Stated Dressage Federation (USDF).


 Zemi Patch Program-  Grades 4th thru the age of 21 when the riders age out of the Junior/ Young Rider Program.  


-  Volunteer 10 hours thru the year at the farm July 1- June 30th. 

- Show a positive and supportive behavior toward the horses and other riders at Zemi Farm. 

USDF Pin Program- Grades 6- 12. 


- Group or Participating Member of USDF

-GPA of 2.5 or higher

-20 hours of Community Service 

- 2 qualifying scores of 60% or Higher

- 16 hours of equine education 


2018 USDF Pin 

Coach: Cody, Caroline Whitaker(3), Sarah Feik(2),

Emily Dibble(3), Quincey Chase

2019 usdf pin.JPG

2019 USDF Pin 

Emily Dibble(4), Caroline Whitaker(4), Sarah Feik(3),


2017 USDF Pin 

Sarah Feik, Emily Dibble(2), Caroline Whitaker (2)

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